When does translation may get tricky?


When does translation may get tricky? Well, it may get tricky in several different situations, but when it comes to slogans, name of brands, promotional sentences… oh boy. 😥

📌 The name of a product may have different meanings, in different countries. For example, the Chevy Nova name was not very well accepted in Latin America because “Nova” directly translates into “doesn’t go.”

📌 At first sight translating a few words or a sentence shouldn’t be all that complicated… But the nature of a slogan represents a challenge, with its cultural idioms, puns, slang.

📌 Word-for-word translation of a promotional product may not give an exact meaning in the target language.

📌 In addition to these important factors, sometimes there’s a number of characters that MUST be respected. (Panic? A little, just a little bit…) The brain spins and spins around… 😵 and around… until it finds the right words, the right size. (See? Size matters… for this!)

👉 It’s really important to choose a native translator/ linguist for these jobs, and the communication between them and the client is CRUCIAL in this process. (Unfortunately, it doesn’t always happen…)

If the marketing information is localized accordingly, it will translate in revenue, market positioning, informed clients…

Think about it! 🙂